AP 1: Existing multi-family houses and renovation processes

Objectives and contents

This work package constitutes the basis for the subsequent systemic analysis of LowEx systems (heating and ventilation). On the one hand it gives relevant information for categorising the existing buildings with regard to their energetic quality and to their characteristics of structural design and building services, which allows to evaluate the potential of various system concepts. On the other hand, the renovation process as such is examined for assessing the feasibility of various approaches.


  • Systematic analysis of the existing buildings in Germany with a focus on multi-family houses (MFH)
  • Players and processes in the building renovation
  • Technical requirements for the energy supply of MFH
  • Non-technical framework conditions and influence factors of the renovation processes


  • Building matrix displaying the existing MFH in Germany in terms of criteria relevant for the whole project for the systemic examination of LowEx system concepts (basis for work package 3: simulation of building types and system concepts)
  • Analysis of players and processes as a decision-making tool for the selection of system constellations that appear promising when implemented under real conditions (supported by the compilation and discussion of the non-technical factors)
  • Compilation of the technical requirements for renovation scenario as well as expected loads for materials and components and material recommendation as input for the demonstration



AP 1.1 Systematische Analyse von Mehrfamilien-Bestandsgebäuden

AP 1.2 und 1.4 Akteure und Prozesse in der Gebäudesanierung