FIHLS – Beck+Heun, Westaflex, Kermi

Facade-integrated heating+cooling, ventilation and plumbing

Funding code: 03ET1401 A/B/C/D

Funding period: 01.07.2016 bis 31.10.2021

Project partners: Fraunhofer ISE, Beck+Heun GmbH, Westaflexwerk GmbH,
Kermi GmbH


  • Development of a trade-spanning classification for the installation of heating, ventilation and plumbing (HVP) components in the façade
  • Research of a non-flammable insulation material for use in the façade
  • LowEx adapted heat surfaces with integrated ventilation functions
  • Development of high compact ventilation units for apartments


Beck+Heun GmbH uses water glass-based raw materials for developing pourable and expandable mineral insulation materials for use in the facade. Various material compositions and processing methods are being developed and controlled.

Deformations in long-term test, prototype for a roller shutter box, fire testing (f.l.t.r.)

Westaflexwerk GmbH develops a home ventilation unit which ventilates each room according to individual requirements with need of a minimal structural volume. In parallel it examines whether wire-based heat exchangers present advantages in terms of performance and structural volume compared to conventional heat exchangers.

Rotation heat exchangers (left), cutaway model of home ventilation unit (right)

KERMI GmbH develops adapted low-temperature heat surfaces for heating, cooling and ventilating rooms which can be optimally combined with ventilation units.

Temperature profile in a radiator with supply air (left); functional model, back of the heat surface (right)

Work plan

System analysis, facades with integrated HVP (ISE):
As a result the work package provides a component matrix in which the components to be developed are listed with the technical specifications which must be met, for example due to space requirements, fire safety, sound insulation or construction process. Illustrative plans of building services focusing on facade integration of building technology are presented and evaluated.

Insulation systems and window frames with silicate-based new material (Beck+Heun)

A technology matrix is developed in order to present the different material options opposed to facade components. Functional models for the demonstrators are created.

Facade-integrated heating and ventilation – central concepts (westaflex, Beck+Heun)

Development of an optimised proven concept that can be transposed to a real demonstrator, a residential building. Development of window and cladding elements as well as of the assembly process.

Ventilation units – per apartment/room (westaflex, Beck+Heun)
In the work package two functional models are developed; a compact apartment unit and a room unit integrated in a window frame module, both transposed to a real demonstrator.

Contact persons

Fraunhofer ISE
Arnulf Dinkel, Project Manager
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
Energy efficient buildings
+49 (0)761/ 4588-5887

Beck+Heun GmbH
Sebastien Ziemer
Stotternheimer Str. 10, 99086 Erfurt
+49 (0)361 74 056 0

Westaflexwerk GmbH
Olaf Knospe
Thaddäusstr. 5, 33343 Gütersloh
+49 (0)5241 401 0

Kermi GmbH
Harald Fonfara
Pankhofen, 94447 Plattling
+49 (0)9931 501 0