Wohnungsgesellschaft Adorf

Demonstration of facade integrated heating, cooling & ventilation and a hybrid boiler-heat pump plant in Adorf

Funding code: 03SBE0001D

Funding period: 09/2018 until 02/2022

Project partner: Wohnungsgesellschaft Adorf mbH, Fraunhofer ISE



Provision of a multi-family house with 5 apartments for which an extensive renovation work is planned

Demonstration of the following components:

  • Hybrid boiler-heat pump plant (Bosch)
  • Window in a compensating frame in the insulation plane (Beck+Heun)
  • Decentralised ventilation installation with heat recovery (Beck+Heun)
  • Air ducts integrated in prefabricated thermal insulation system elements (Westaflex, Beck+Heun)


Existing building, thermal insulation system, installation schematic of ventilation (f.l.t.r.)


Presentation of demonstration project “Adorf“


Contact persons

Arnulf Dinkel, Project Manager ISE
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE
Energy efficient buildings
+49 (0)761 4588 5887

Kay Burmeister, Managing Director of  Wohnungsgesellschaft Adorf mbH
Schillerstraße 23, 08626 Adorf/Vogtland
+49 (0)37423 3136