AP 5: Market and economic analysis

Objectives and contents

In order to set up cost-effective renovation roadmaps, which can ultimately reach the required renovation depth for the climate protection and have a broad impact, it is essential to carry out a techno-economic analysis that considers not only the specifics of the multi-family stock and the framework conditions of renovation processes determined in work package 1, but also the specifics of LowEx system concepts with the impacts of sources and transfer systems on the system efficiency. The use of innovative and multifunctional facade engineering offers additional technical freedom (ventilation, solarisation), which need to be assessed economically and considered in roadmap analysis. Another important issue to investigate in multi-family houses is how to evaluate a system change between decentralised (for each apartment) and centralised facilities and, if necessary, to set the best time for it.


  • Techno-economic characterisation and evaluation of LowEx concepts
  • Levers for enhancing the energy efficiency in multi-family existing buildings
  • Model-based analysis from different stakeholder perspectives


  • Evaluation of LowEx systems as well as their economic potential for the renovation of multi-family houses with an assignment to extended typology from work package 1
  • Identification of measures and financing concepts that lead to “win-win” situations between the stakeholders and maximise the chances for an energetically and economically successful renovation