AP 2: Typing of LowEx system concepts

Objectives and contents

This work package consists in typing LowEx system concepts based on the results of work package 1 (technically with regard to heat sources, heat generators, room transfer systems and ventilation concept) and in evaluating how various system concepts fit to the building matrix from work package 1 as well as with regard to renovation processes and the striven user comfort.


  • Low temperature heat sources and their exploitation
  • Heat transfer systems and room comfort
  • Potential analysis for solarisation of the building envelope
  • Technical analysis of system concepts


  • Preselection of appropriate system combinations (space heating transfer, heat generation and distribution, ventilation, water heating)
  • Classification of promising system combinations to the building matrix from work package 1 (basis for work package 3: modelling and simulation)


AP 2.2 Bewertung von Lüftungsstrategien im Hinblick auf Raumkomfort & Luftqualität

AP 2.2 Bewertung von Wärmeübergabesystemen im Hinblick auf Raumkomfort